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Optimize the existing lead glass industry, and do competitive enterprises

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Keywords: Optimize the existing lead glass industry, and do competitive enterprises

Under the influence of the increasingly serious contradiction between supply and demand, companies generally use the general term of commodities, the pressure of inventory increases, and the small upsurge that glass demand does not expect after years, many companies emerge, and overall inventory will continue to rise. In Hubei Province in central China, for example, since 2015, corporate inventories have been on the rise, and the weighted sample capacity rate has risen from 50% at the beginning of the year to about 80%. Inventory problems have become an important factor in restraining the market price of the central China glass market from rising. Affected by this, the market price is difficult to rise, the price of flat glass, the calendar year in some regions, and the advanced capital of enterprises are difficult.

At present, strengthening the environmental governance issues in the flat glass industry has become a solution to the problem of overcapacity in the glass industry. The new entry point for the issue Since last year, with the in-depth development of the national energy conservation and emission reduction work, the provincial environmental protection department has interviewed the local flat glass company, and the Texas Lijing case has become the “Environmental Protection Law” for rehabilitation as an environmental public interest litigation. After the implementation of the first domestic air pollution action in the case, most of the production was concentrated in Hebei Province. The Ministry of Environmental Protection on the river does not comply with industrial policies, enterprises that exceed or fail to meet the targets put forward rectification opinions, and strengthen pollution inspections, which are good and bad. The blind expansion of flat glass companies sounded the alarm.

Through strict control of corporate emission targets, enterprises that have shut down emissions that do not meet standards will be eliminated as soon as possible to eliminate backward companies, to alleviate the current overcapacity problem in the glass industry, and to optimize the existing industrial structure. Advantageous enterprises must be smart and stronger, and must “go global” to develop The ability of foreign markets to promote the sustainable development of the glass industry economy, society and the environment, corporate responsibility is more important than Mount Tai.

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